Нүүр Бидний тухай
English introduction

            This palace was built by Central Council of Trade Union of all Soviet Union (former name), 2nd construction trust of Soviet, and has been handed over as a present to Central Council of Mongolian Trade Union on 5th November 1975. This is an affiliate organization owned Mongolian Trade Union.

            This palace located in territory of Peace Avenue, 2nd khoroo of Bayangol District has 12000 m2 space, concert hall with 1000 seats, cinema with 300 seats, conference hall, physical culture and sports hall with 250 seats, exhibition hall and rooms equipped with special training equipment.

            Besides organizing different cultural events for citizens, laborers and members of Trade Union, there are about 20 arts and sports courses such as music, drama, dance, circus, paintings, violin, piano, zither, morin khuur, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, artistic and sports gymnasticss, where over 2000 children and young people are studying. artistic and sports gymnastics, with purpose to develop and advertise the culture and arts, and the public physical culture. "Union" educational center has been established newly in this palace to organize regularly the different courses and trainings for children development such as language course, catch-up classes, entrance examination preparatory course, painting, handcrafting and yoga.  

            Moreover, there are about 10 bands and ensembles such as “Khusliin Jiguur” circus group (Wings to the Wish), “Kharaatsai” folk dance group (Swallow), “Akhmadiin Tsuurai” ensemble (Voice of elders), “Daichin Aldar” and “Khudulmuriin Aldar” clubs, and other music bands such as “Aizam” and “Egshiglen”.

            Currently, about 2000 children are studying in language courses, entrance examination preparatory course and other courses and trainings in “Union” educational center.

            International and national major events, such as Asia Peace conference, session of world Mongolians, the international congress of Mongolists, the first congress of Mongolian Democratic Union, cultural and art performance of countries such as Russia, China, Japan and India, have been organized.

With purpose to restore the national culture and rituals, the palace has organized many different competitions including “Dembee” Traditional Song Festival, “Shaman’s dance festival”, “Singing family”, “Long-haired Mongolian woman”, “Wonder of gifted person”, “Barrel organ instrument”, folk music, singers singing about horses, and a competition of professional morin khuur players, where the artists and the audience were very excited.

            In recent years, the Palace has been organizing regularly the cultural events and sports competitions. For example: "Little prince" children competition, "Kharaatsai" dance art festival, "Long-haired Mongolian woman” competition, "Gifted talent" elders’ cultural festival, "Worker's Art" festival, "Educational Supermarket" "Health Exhibition", "Tsagaan Sar Exhibition", "White Queen" Chess Competition, "Mini Chess" competition, "3x3 Junior Basketball" competition, "Summer League" and student volleyball competition have been organized annually.

.           This Palace is the largest cultural and sports center in Mongolia, which has been successfully organizing major international and national events and extending its range of activities in accordance with state cultural policy.

The works and achievements of the intergenerational communities have been valued highly by the state, and awarded with “Order of the Red Banner of Labour” in 2015 by a decree of President of Mongolia.

The Palace is also awarded with awards such as "Top cultural organization of Capital City", the "Top tax payer organization” by Social Insurance Department, "Best organization of Investment – Urban Development” by Citizens' Representative Khural of Bayangol District and the Governor's Offices, "Reliable Partner of the Customers”, and “Order of Freedom”, the highest award of Democratic Party.

The Palace has four departments: Department of Culture and Sports Cooperation, Financial Department, Technical Department and Service Department.



Main hall has a modern artistic illumination, sound equipment and a rotating stage with a seating capacity of up to 1000. It is possible to use 52 types of curtains and electronic LED displays. It is possible to organize concerts, corporate anniversaries and sessions.

  • Seats for 1000 people
  • With rotating stage
  • Fully-automate equipment
  • Equipped with artistic illumination, sound equipment
  • With music ministry
  • With movie apparatus, big and small screen
  • With technical solution for direct broadcasting of moving TV and radio stations
  • Professional stage with complete system ensuring the air conditioning and fire safety 



The small hall has a unique interior design and a seating capacity of 285 seats. It is possible to organize meetings, conferences, seminars, cultural events, competitions, lectures, trainings, interviews, open discussions, movie and play ceremony and other events.

Technical specification:

  • Seats for 285 people
  • Total square size 243 m2
  • Stage size  11,4m* 5m = 57m2
  • Curtain -2 pieces /blue and French curtain/
  • With illumination and sound equipment



The exhibition hall is located on the 1st and 2nd floors, and each hall is with a capacity of 350m2. Ceiling is high, electric sources are located under the floor. It is a big hall with additional heating equipment.

It is possible to organize various exhibitions and fairs, reception of up to 250 people, standing reception, holiday party, fashion shows, dance entertainment, television and studio filming.



/ # 107, 102, 200/

  • Press conference
  • Reception of 20-35 people
  • Training, seminar  /Projector, screen, board/
  • Meeting  
  • Special reception
  • Ordered services.


Sports Complex

The Sports Complex of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has 350 seats, table tennis court for 20-30 people, chessboard hall for 30-40 persons, and dance hall with the capacity of 20-30 people at once. Men and women dressing room, bathroom, bathing area, service zone, waiting hall etc. The complex is huge building capable of serving 450 people at once.

Sports hall size: 36x20

Floor: rubber

Sports hall seats: 350

Number of service recipients at one time: 450

Ability to convert:

  • Receive chess competition with 450 children
  • Organize a table tennis competition for up to 350 people based on 12 tables
  • Organize all types of career events
  • The ability to organize tournaments in basketball and volleyball between organizations.
  • The space for advertisements of organizations.